Farmers market

We went out to the Edinburgh Farmers Market again today. We bought some sourdough bread from the Valvona & Crolla stand, some wild boar sausages, some diced venison haunch (earmarked for stewing tomorrow), a pack of whole beef beefburgers, and a fresh trout from Drummond Trout Farms. Farmers markets are great!

After that, we wandered along Princes St., picking up bits & pieces. We bought a stack of CDs (Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, Courtney Pine) and DVDs (When Harry Met Sally, Ultraviolet) in the HMV sale. Abi also bought a lovely new autumn coat, some long-sleeved shirts, and a couple of fuzzy turtlenecks.

I was tempted to buy another game for my PS2 at Electronics Boutique. But after having made the mistake of renting the abominably dull Timesplitters from Blockbuster earlier this week, I decided to come home & check out some reviews on the web before getting my feet wet again. (Even though the ones I had my eye on were seond hand PlayStation (not PS2) games, and hence quite cheap.)

The three I was looking at were Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy VII, and Jimmy White Cueball. The reviews on MGS are pretty postive overall, but everyone says that the game is far too short. Probably not, then. Jimmy White Cueball looks like a fun game for picking up and playing for a bit, without having to sit down for an hours-long session–sounds good for £7.99.

As for Final Fantasy, I vaguely remembered that one of the more recent episodes in the series was utter pants. So I was even more wary of this one than the others. However, after having checked out the word on the web, it sounds like this is possibly the best of the whole series. Lots of deep plotting and character development set in a traditional(ish) video game RPG. Probably take a month or so to play it all the way through. Definitely a winner!

Now all I need to do is finish off these new blogging tools for Sunpig, so I can put up static articles (like, for instance, wishlists), so I can remind myself what it is I’ve decided to buy 🙂

Ocean Terminal

Yesterday evening we visited the newly opened Ocean Terminal in Leith. It’s huge and grand, with lots of open space. Most of the shops are still in the “coming soon” phase, but there’s a decent-sized Debenhams, a smallish BHS, a variety of restaurants and bars, and a cinema. Very nice.

After that, we took a bus to the opposite side of town and had dinner at the Old Bordeaux. We’re regulars there now. The staff know us, and are always amazed to see how much B has grown since we were last in.

Last night was particularly special, though, because B had his first experience in a high chair! Just in the last week, he has been getting more interested in–and capable of–sitting up. Rather than have him on our laps for most of the meal, he took the high chair instead, and he loved it! He made a lot of noise by banging his rattle against his little table, and generally had a good time pretending to be all grown up. I think we’re going to have to get ourselves one of these wonderful contraptions very soon…

And once we got home, I uploaded the latest set of pictures. You can see them over on B’s page.