Alex was sick again last night–all over me. He hadn’t been himself most of yesterday. His cheeks were red, he was very warm, and he had very little appetite. We’d thought he was teething (there’s a canine and a molar both pushing through right now), but it looks like it was more of a tummy bug instead.

We put him to bed very early (about 19:30), and I was quite surprised that he didn’t wake up later on in the evening. But at just after 01:00 he started to stir and cry. I went through to soothe him, and as soon as I lifted him out of his cot, he barfed all over my shoulder and back. I rushed him through to the bathroom and into the tub, but not before he’d had another few heaves. By this point he was awake and obviously feeling really horrible.

Abi got up as well,and we stripped him and I took him into the shower with me (while Abi cleaned up the barf in the hall). Now, when he and I first started showering together in Rome earlier this year, we called him a shower monkey because of how he clung to me. But that was sheer ameteur clinging back then. Last night I could have taken away my arms and he would have stayed attached to me. Alex is getting to be very strong.

So today we kept him home from nursery. This morning he was still quite warm, but only slightly fevered, I think. He was very floppy, and wanted to do a lot of huddling and cuddling in my arms on the sofa. (I wasn’t feeling too great myself at that point, so I was quite happy for this to be the state of things. We reckon that Abi had the same tummy bug on Saturday, and I think that maybe I caught the weakened, tail end of it today.)

But this afternoon he is doing a good bit better. He was more cheerful after some toast and a little bit of cheese for lunch, and right now he’s upstairs having a nice long nap. I hope he feels okay when he gets up!