Alex update

Just a quick update on Alex’s developmental status:

  • He now walks properly. Rather than just walking the odd steps to get from A to B, he is now seems to realize that it is faster and more efficient for him to walk from place to place instead of crawling. He still likes to use an adult’s hand, but he does much more toddling on his own. He really is a toddler now.
  • In addition to all his front teeth, he now also has a chunky molar on the bottom left side. And in the last week or so, a top right molar has been emerging to help him chew with it!
  • And talking about chewing, the last couple of weeks has seen him get hugely interested in using spoons and forks to feed himself. And his skill in these matters has come on in leaps and bounds, too. He is now capable of eating his Weetabix breakfast with a spoon (or two) in quite a short time. And he just loves spearing chunks of meat or bread with his fork!

Yesterday we bought him a small table and two mini-chairs to go with it. (Ikea, of course.) In the evening, he sat down at it and ate his dessert of apple crumble and custard. His mommy sat with him, but mostly he ate it all himself!