Alex, at the end of year 1

Some typical Alex…

Alex, happy

Alex, absorbed

Baby tackles the stairs!

Alex on the stairs 1

Alex on the stairs 2

Alex on the stairs 3

Alex on the stairs 4

Alex on the stairs 5

I’m too sexy for my shades

Alex with shades 1

Alex with shades 2

Dad, I think those girls in the other swing are talking about me…

Alex on swings

You know how to whistle, don’t you? Just put your lips together and blow.


That didn’t sound like a whistle!


Freaked out by grass, so I’ll go and play on the bark instead.

Freaked out by grass

Bark is better...

...much better.

Shaggy and shorn: before the haircut, and after.

Mullet boy 1

Mullet boy 2

Out in Princes St. Gardens 1

Out in Princes St. Gardens 2