September Photos

Visiting Grandma and Granda Sutherland is fun!

Grandma and Granda 1

Grandma and Granda 2

Grandma and Granda 3

And they’re teaching me to play golf, too!

Golf 1

Golf 2

Golf 3

Golf 4

So when are you going to show me my nose, dad?

Nose 1

Nose 2

Oh, that’s where it is!

Nose 3

Nose 4

Uh… I think I know now…

Nose 5

Braemar in the sun

Braemar 1

Braemar 2

Alex with mommy and Grandma McLean


Alex and mommy on the swings

Swings 1

Swings 2

Alex and mommy on the roundabout

Roundabout 1

Roundabout 2

Alex and mommy on the slide

Slide 1

Slide 2

Yay! Top of the slide! (Now what?)

Slide 3

Slide 4

Okay, down now. I think I enjoyed that. What do you think?

Slide 5

Slide 6

Friends, Romans, Countrymen…

Emperor Alex, age 17 months...

So are you going to come along, or what?

The seducer


Nigh-nigh 1

Nigh-nigh 2

Nigh-nigh 3

Riding with dada

Riding with dada

Hanging out at the bus stop in North Queensferry

Bus stop 1

Bus stop 2

Bus stop 3

Bus stop 4

Bus stop 5

Now I know I’ve seen dada using these musical bobble things, but did they go in my ear, my tummy, or my mouth?

Earphones 1

Earphones 2

Earphones 3

Earphones 4

More words

We haven’t been keeping Alex’s vocabulary up to date very well. This is at least party due to him learning so much so quickly that is’ getting hard to keep track of, but here are some recent favourites:

  • “Deddy…Go!” (Ready…Go!) He loves saying this, and loves playing it. He expects us to do something exciting, like toss him up in the air, run with him, or tickle his tummy whenever he says “Go!”
  • Nigh-nigh. When he gets tired, he’ll pull the cushions and a blanket down from the sofa, and make himself a little nest. Often, he expects someone to lie down next to him as well.
  • Round and round! He doesn’t say this yet, but if you say it to him, he’ll do his spinning round-and-round dance.
  • Close your eyes. Connected to the nigh-nigh game, he will now close your eyes if you ask him nicely.

Also, he now know many more body parts, and will point them out on other people and even pictures, as well as on himself! What a clever little boy 🙂