June stuff

Alex, a multi-faceted little boy.

Multifaceted boy

Hanging out, watching TV.

Just hanging out

At Edinburgh Museum

Edinburgh Museum 1

Edinburgh Museum 2

Edinburgh Museum 3

Out on a walk towards the tannery

Tannery 1

Tannery 2

A little noder meet: easterbunny, evilrooster, sef, fuzzyandblue, jongleur.

Node meet

Grandma’s walkman is so much fun!

Grandma's walkman 1

Grandma's walkman 2

Grandma's walkman 3

Bollards to that.


It’s cold and it’s windy. You expect me to smile?

Cold and windy at Musselburgh

Alex practices for his auditions:

Audition: coy

Audition: sad
Coy Sad

Audition: wistful

Audition: imperious
Wistful Imperious

And on drums we have…

Alex on drums 1

Alex on drums 2

Alex on drums 3

Alex on drums 4

Alex on drums 5

Is it just me, or is gravity working a bit sideways today?

Gravity sideways

Yaay! Roundabout!

Roundabout 1

Roundabout 2

Train ride

Train ride 1

Train ride 2

Train ride 3

Train ride 4

Muffin. No muffin. Any questions?

Muffin boy 1

Muffin boy 2

Daddy and Alex share a joke

Shared joke