California Photos (November 2001)

Playtime at Schiphol airport

Alex and Abi at Schiphol

But how do you know I’m going to like it, dad?

Alex considers lunch

Meeting cousin Tom!

The tent

Tom and Sarah

Tom and Sarah...and a slide!

Mick and Sarah, Tom and Alex

Hanging out in Piedmont

My own private high chair

Alex makes a spectacle of himself

Kathleen and Alex

Alex and Grandpa

Some black and whites




Snazzy sleepy boy

Ooh-a box!


Not sure about this...

Big family photo

Alex and Grandma


Falling down tired

Ooh–a mouse! Give it to me! Er…now what?

I can do that!

Let me have the mouse, please

Mouse!  Give!

So now what?

Monterey adventure

On the beach

On the beach

Planet of the jellies

Grabbing the backpack

Ooh–birthday cake! Give!

Ooh--birthday cake!  Give!

Huddle and cuddle with Uncle Mick

Huddle and cuddle with Uncle Mick

Ooh–camera! Give!

Ooh--camera!  Give!

Grandma and Grandpa with Alex at SFO

Grandma and Grandpa with Alex at SFO

10 Months old today!

Alex is 10 months old today! And he’s enormous. We haven’t weighed or measured him recently, but we can tell that he has grown substantially by the fact that he can reach well up onto all the tables in the living room. And he wants to get up onto the TV cabinet so badly that quite often he will grab hold of the edge, pull himself up to his tippy toes and jump up. I’ve seen both his feet leave the ground.

He now has five teeth through, the first two at the bottom front matched by three of the top front teeth.

Over the weekend we were playing a lot of walking games with him. If we line the block trolley up properly, he will use it to run all the way across the living room. He also thoroughly enjoys sitting on the block trolley and being pushed back and forward between mommy and me. He laughed himself silly doing that yesterday afternoon.

Apples and pears

Alex climbed all the way up the stairs today! And without any assistance, either. He had his grandpa Foley behind him all the way to catch him if he fell, but there was no pulling or pushing involved. He just clambered his way to the top, one step at a time. Wow.

Still no real sign of him walking, though. He has mastered the art of crawling about on his hands and knees (he was still commando-crawling last time I wrote anything here), but that seems to satisfy him for now. He can get everywhere he wants by just crawling, so why get up onto his feet and toddle?

Sooner or later, though, he’ll figure out that by walking he can still get everywhere–only faster.

Just Cruisin’

A few weeks ago he started pulling himself to his knees; now Alex pulls himself to his feet whenever he can. And he has started cruising! If he pulls himself up on a suitable object, like a coffee table, he is just capable of inching himself sideways a little with his hands, and moving his little feet to keep up.

Alex cruises along the coffee table  
Alex cruises along the coffee table  

He’s still not very stable while doing this, but it’s a start. A start on the road to walking.


I can hardly believe it, but just in the last two days (since we got back from Chollerford), Alex has started climbing things. Every thing. So long as it has something he can grab onto, he’ll wrap his chubby little fingers around it, and pull himself up to his knees. Occasionally, if he can get a very good grip, he’ll pull himself up to his feet.

Before this weekend, he had still just been commando-crawling with his feet and elbows. He was pushing himself up to his hands and knees regularly, and then falling sideways, catching himself in a sideways reclining position.

But the sudden push towards the vertical is a real quantum leap. From one day to the next it seems like his development has moved forward by a month. Wow.