10 Months old today!

Alex is 10 months old today! And he’s enormous. We haven’t weighed or measured him recently, but we can tell that he has grown substantially by the fact that he can reach well up onto all the tables in the living room. And he wants to get up onto the TV cabinet so badly that quite often he will grab hold of the edge, pull himself up to his tippy toes and jump up. I’ve seen both his feet leave the ground.

He now has five teeth through, the first two at the bottom front matched by three of the top front teeth.

Over the weekend we were playing a lot of walking games with him. If we line the block trolley up properly, he will use it to run all the way across the living room. He also thoroughly enjoys sitting on the block trolley and being pushed back and forward between mommy and me. He laughed himself silly doing that yesterday afternoon.