I love watching Alex try out adult behaviours, role playing the parts of his parents. Last night was a wonderful example.

When I put him to bed, I tend to lie down next to him for about 10 minutes, singing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star or talking about the day. It can be hard to fit into the bed, with all the cuddly toys he has there (eight at last count: two bears, three elephants, a baby doll, Milo from the Tweenies, and Po from the Teletubbies). But he likes having all of his friends (we call them Clan Beowulf) with him at night, and these are the dolls that play Alex when he’s playing us.

So I was lying in bed with him last night, singing Twinkle. And I could hear him going “Shhhh…” intermittently next to me, and making some sort of patting, thumping sound. I knew he wasn’t shushing me, because when he doesn’t want to sing he isn’t very subtle about it. I glanced over.

He had Po in his arms, and was alternately patting her back and rubbing it in little circles while gently shushing her. Just like we do when he’s upset.