September Photos

Visiting Grandma and Granda Sutherland is fun!

Grandma and Granda 1

Grandma and Granda 2

Grandma and Granda 3

And they’re teaching me to play golf, too!

Golf 1

Golf 2

Golf 3

Golf 4

So when are you going to show me my nose, dad?

Nose 1

Nose 2

Oh, that’s where it is!

Nose 3

Nose 4

Uh… I think I know now…

Nose 5

Braemar in the sun

Braemar 1

Braemar 2

Alex with mommy and Grandma McLean


Alex and mommy on the swings

Swings 1

Swings 2

Alex and mommy on the roundabout

Roundabout 1

Roundabout 2

Alex and mommy on the slide

Slide 1

Slide 2

Yay! Top of the slide! (Now what?)

Slide 3

Slide 4

Okay, down now. I think I enjoyed that. What do you think?

Slide 5

Slide 6

Friends, Romans, Countrymen…

Emperor Alex, age 17 months...

So are you going to come along, or what?

The seducer


Nigh-nigh 1

Nigh-nigh 2

Nigh-nigh 3

Riding with dada

Riding with dada

Hanging out at the bus stop in North Queensferry

Bus stop 1

Bus stop 2

Bus stop 3

Bus stop 4

Bus stop 5

Now I know I’ve seen dada using these musical bobble things, but did they go in my ear, my tummy, or my mouth?

Earphones 1

Earphones 2

Earphones 3

Earphones 4