September 2001: The further adventures of B

1 September: What’s small, cute, and makes a lot of noise? B, or our vacuum cleaner?


1 September: The kilt & the kid


5 September: Sleepy B, sleepy dad


5 September: Couch potato in training


6 September: The world turns while B sleeps


6 September: Grandma! Stop poking me!


6 September: Granda & Grandma Sutherland, and Mr. Elephant


7 September: Scott & Ange are B’s willing playthings.


13, 14 September: Mommy & B in Aberdeen.


14 September: Grandma McLean, Great-aunt Cath, B, and Mr. Elephant.


14 September: B teaches dad to play pool.


14, 15 September: Out & about in Grampian (Braemar & Ballater).


15 September: I’ve told you before…if you stick it in my mouth, I’ll consider it food!


15 September: Granda Sutherland, B, and the backpack.


15 September: Playtime in Murthly.


21 September: Norma, Ange, & B


21 September: Okay. You lot have your coffee. I’ll just sit here and eat my feet.


21 September: In mouth, food. Deal?


23 September: How cute can one baby boy get?


23, 25 September: I love my mommy, and my mommy loves me.


28 September: B finds his way into the drinks cabinet, crawls around a bit, then falls asleep. (Kind of like his dad.)