Charlie Brooker – Dawn Of The Dumb

The two-and-a-half star rating deserves some explanation: I think Charlie Brooker is great, and many of the pieces in Dawn Of The Dumb (a collection of his TV criticism and columns for The Guardian from 2004-2007) and hysterically funny, but at book length, his vitriolic style becomes grating. If you enjoy cutting put-downs and cynical rants, you’re in the right place–just take it in small doses.

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  1. alex

    A very old post of yours:

    Okay – help! Your post above identified small insect bites you were suffering from. In the name of all that is good in this world can you remember what the devil caused it and what you did? My doc is clueless and it’s looks like exactly the same bites!!!

    REALLY sorry to plague your blog like this – but I’m close to losing it.

    Many many thanks


    (P.S – I don’t expect you to approve this comment – but if you could get in touch I would be forever greatful).

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