Monthly Archives: October 2003

State And Main

Delightful film about a Hollywood film production that comes to the small town of Waterford, Vermont. The juxtaposition of big city rollers and small town folk is a common theme, and State And Main doesn’t break any new ground. What it does do is tell an engaging story about a set of classic character stereotypes: the high-strung director, the star who can’t keep his hands off young girls, the starlet who refuses to bare her breasts, the shy writer, the bookstore owner, the local lawyer with big ambitions, the mayor, the crabby owner of the diner, and lots more. It’s a true ensemble piece. Philip Seymour Hoffman stands out as the writer, as does William H. Macy as the director, but the rest of the cast all chip in with lovely, quirky portrayals of people all trying to play by their own, mutually incompatible rules. There’s comedy, love, and a bit with a dog. Great, light entertainment.