Gangster No.1

In the late 1960s, Freddie Mays (David Thewlis) is the quintessential gentleman ganster. Ruthless, impeccably dressed, and with a reputation for style. The unnamed ganger of the title is played by Paul Bettany (as a young man) and Malcolm McDowell (as his older self, 30 years later). Freddie Mays takes on this gangster as a young thug, and crafts him into one of his sharp-dressed, tough-as-nails crew. But Gangster wants more than that–he craves the power that Freddie Mays has, his money, his lifestyle, his easy way with women. He burns himself up with this obsession. And when he is finally in a position to take it all for himself, he discoveres that the victory his hollow. It’s a powerful and brutal film, with a great–and highly disturbing–performance by Paul Bettany.

One thought on “Gangster No.1

  1. Tom

    And why wasn’t he the star of A knight’s tale? He’s got a better bum than Heath. And he’s a better actor (although I like Heath’s career path – same as Denzil’s – one film to pay the bills, one good film, on film to pay the bills…..

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