Neal Asher – The Line Of Polity

The Line of Polity is the second book in the Gridlinked/Ian Cormac series. After having dispatched part of the extra-galactic entity known as Dragon, Cormac is back to his day job of infiltrating and eliminating terrorist cells. One such action, designed to put an end to the activities of rogue bio-scientist Skellor, doesn’t go quite as planned, and Cormac suddenly finds himself with a much more dangerous enemy on his hands.

Meanwhile, an Outlinker space station has been destroyed by nanotechnology last seen employed by Dragon; an undercover sting operation against an arms dealer goes sour, and a revolution is brewing on the theocratic world of Masada. Neal Asher brings back most of the key characters from Gridlinked to tie these threads together in spectacular style. With threats to the protagonists ranging from being subsumed by hostile nanotech to being eaten alive by the horrifying wildlife of Masada, this is classic all-out adventure from start to finish.

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