The Pacifier

I’m actually one of these people who think Kindergarten Cop was a pretty good movie. The Pacifier takes the same basic theme–tough guy (played by an actor known for his action hero roles) gets put in charge of a bunch of children, where his muscle and hard-nosed attitude count for little–but doesn’t do nearly as much with it. The plot is passable, but the humour is limp and the characterisation weak. It just doesn’t try to be anything more than just by-the-numbers, and thus succeeds at being mediocre.

1 thought on “The Pacifier

  1. Richard Brunton

    Poor Vin. I had high hopes for him after Pitch Black, Fast and the Furious and xXx…all great entertainment films with Pitch and F and F having a bit of a deeper level than pure entertainment…not much mind you. Still I thought he was set to be the next action star.

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