Joe Clark – Building Accessible Websites

If you’re building web sites, and you have any interest at all in making them accessible to people with vision, mobility, or other impairments, you need to read this book. Clark’s style is emphatic and sometimes haughty, but also caring and filled with pointed humour and dry sarcasm. The book covers the full spectrum of web accessibliliy techniques in exhaustive detail. Not only does Clark tell you what you should do, but also why you should do it–that’s what makes this such a valuable reference. Even a little accessibility can go a long way; this book tells you exactly what you need to know to implement it.

2 thoughts on “Joe Clark – Building Accessible Websites

  1. Frank

    There is one reason I’m never going to read this book: the book cover reminds me too much of goatse (read the safe-for-work explanation at Wikipedia: ). They say seeing this image once scars the average person for life… I don’t think I’m a basket case yet, but I don’t need reminders like this one on my table or in my book case.

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