Jimmy Chung’s (Grindlay St. Edinburgh)

We’re rapidly becoming connoisseurs of “Chinese Buffet” cuisine, and Jimmy Chung’s is a good ‘un. Good selection of dishes, including crispy aromatic duck, for which some buffets require a surcharge. The restaurant is large, and decorated in cozy colours, which also makes a change–most buffets are stark and minimal. We went on a Thursday evening, and the place was positively heaving with people. Despite this, the service was still remarkably quick. The only downside is the price: at £10.99 a head for dinner, it’s one of the most expensive buffets in town. On the other hand, it’s definitely one of the best.

4 thoughts on “Jimmy Chung’s (Grindlay St. Edinburgh)

  1. Sandra

    Having tried most of the other Chinese Buffet restaurants in Edinburgh, I would say that Jimmy’s is the best and is certainly my favourite. There is always a great variety of food and no matter how busy the restaurant is, service is usually pretty quick. There is always a good atmosphere too.

    As for the price (£10.00 a head for dinner), I think is very reasonable considering the choice and amount of food that is available.

    Took the mother-in-law there a few months ago and she wants to go back for her birthday !

  2. Rob

    What a buffet indeed! Having been to China China buffet the Jimmy Chung restaurant certainly kicks arse to put it mildly. I don’t think they were too happy having a basketball team coming in eating for 3 hours as opposed to a group of ladies. My full recommendations for this restaurant is in its place.

  3. Scott

    Value for money great food guarenteed and at the end of it you will feel bigger than richard bransons hot air balloon.

  4. Emma

    A splended choice of food. Plenty for all the family, even for vegetatirans! Service is excellent and the place itself is well kept and run. A great value for money and a special treat for the special birthday person. All in all, Jimmy Chung’s is a is a great resteraunt and certainly leaves your belly full!!

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