The Little Polar Bear

Curious tale about two warring races (the “seals” and the “polar bears”), and the homosexual, cross-species relationship between two youngsters from each race. The narrative follows Lars (a bear) and Robbie (a seal) as they struggle for acceptance amongst their own people. Through their love they manage to forge a fragile truce between the two races, but it is doomed from the start. At the height of tension, when both tribes find themselves under assault from a robotic alien berserker creature, Lars is cast adrift on an ice floe. Delirious from exhaustion and thirst, he embarks on a spirit quest to a far-off tropical land, where his concepts of friendship and power are turned upside down by a succession of strange creatures. Robbie eventually finds and rescues him. Lars returns to his people in proper Messianic fashion to lead them in a bloody battle to defeat the alien invader.

How this managed to get billed as a children’s film, I’ll never know.