Terminator 3

This is a competent third part in the Terminator trilogy. It is tentative rather than daring, but on the other hand it maintains a sense of danger and uncertainty throughout. Until the end, you’re really not sure whether Judgement Day can be averted–again–or if mankind really is doomed. Nick Stahl does a good job of a more mature John Connor who is running away from his destiny. Arnie parodies his earlier Terminators, which is a shame. The action sequences are good, but poorly paced, with too many set pieces happening too early, leaving the third act relatively weak. In general, the film could have done with fewer laughs and knowing nods to its predecessors, but hey, it’s a sequel. It draws in some interesting hooks from the previous film, and lays down plenty new ones of its own, paving the way for further ongoing material in the series. (Although I wonder if a TV series might not be a better platform for expanding the canon now.)