The Matrix Reloaded

The effects, stunts, and fight scenes are unquestionably amazing, but that’s not enough to make up for an overly dense and bloated plot. The Wachowskis seem to have become too wrapped up in the hype and over-analysis of the world they created, and disappeared up their own philosphical navels instead of making another kick-ass film. The fight scenes are beautiful, but they lack tension because we pretty much know that Neo is going to win. (In this respect the most interesting scenes are the ones that don’t feature him.) The fully computer-generated scenes aren’t as seamless as they would like you to believe. It’s a shame to have to fault the film because it isn’t as fresh and different as the first episode, but I had been hoping it would be another genre-defining moment. Instead it’s merely Matrix taken to the next level. So, it’s good…just not great.