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1-20 May 2001

Take two babies into the shower? (Pukestain and B)


Mom and B


Arthouse B


Sleepy B


Jules and B!


Daddy and B


Sarah and B


The light! It burns!


Strangely enough, this is typical B…


Oma Sutherland and B


20-30 April 2001

When I grow up I want to be a Superhero!


The Michelin boy (and mother)


C’m’ere! I can take all of you!


The Monster-Slayer victorious!


Aww, no, mom–please!!




Grand Sutherland family get-together


First Visits (12 April 2001)

Oma and Opa Sutherland with B


B and Bear


Did I give birth to a baby bear…?


I have a space cannon growing out of my head


Auntie Ange & Uncle Scott


B and Muffles


Do I look like I was born yesterday?


Birth Day!

Alexander Beowulf Sutherland

(But we still call him “B”)

Born 10:11 on Wednesday 11 April 2001, by caesarean section.

3.84kg = 8lb 8oz

Simpson Memorial Maternity Pavilion, Edinburgh, Scotland

Mother, baby, and father are all doing well, if rather tired!

It’s a boy!

Very fresh

Together for the first time


Definitely a boy

Definitely a Sutherland

Mother and baby are fine

Martin and B, the Sleepy Friends