Going through the Twilight

(To the tune of “Going through the motions” from the musical Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode)

Every single day, I do the same thing:
Get up in the morning, go to school.
Still I always feel I’m only gaming,
Nothing here is right, nothing here is cool.
I am such an ass when I’m in class
Just hoping I can pass
‘Cause I’m just going through the motions
Living in a dream
No one knows I’m not the jerk I seem.

I was always cold and kind of distant
Now these days I’m holding back
Never growing old, the things I’ve missed and
Now I find I lack.

You really need a smack.

At least I’m wearing black.

You seem pretty skilled, and I’m just thrilled
To hear you haven’t killed
But you’ve been going through the motions
Living out a lie.
How much longer are you going to try?

Maybe one day I’ll be vicious
Now I’ve met someone delicious.

See, I knew you’d get ambitious.

I don’t want to be
Going through the motions
How much can I take?
Bella’s special scent
Has me so discontent…

See, this is what I meant. Eat stake.

Originally posted on Making Light

Quaeris, quot mihi unadaugeones

Quaeris, quot mihi unadaugeones
Tuae, Lesbia, sint satis superque.
quam magnus numerus carnuli missorum
Latebrosae laborat Nigeriae
inter locorum Lybissi minuores
et quaerentes dictatorum viduas;
aut quam aureum WOWum, cum sumptus est,
simulata emit arma ludoribus:
tam te augea multa augere
vesano satis et super Catullo est,
quae nec insidiatores numerare
possint nec infrapontes fascinare.

– o0o –

You ask, Lesbia, how many +1’s
Of yours would be enough and more for me.
So many as the spammers
labor in secretive Nigeria
between the URL shorteners of Libya
and the acquisitive widows of dictators;
or as much as WOW gold*, bought
to purchase imaginary weapons for gamers:
+1ing you with so many +1’s
Would be enough and more for crazy Catullus
so that the lurkers couldn’t count
nor trolls envy them.

Originally posted on Making Light