Going through the Twilight

(To the tune of “Going through the motions” from the musical Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode)

Every single day, I do the same thing:
Get up in the morning, go to school.
Still I always feel I’m only gaming,
Nothing here is right, nothing here is cool.
I am such an ass when I’m in class
Just hoping I can pass
‘Cause I’m just going through the motions
Living in a dream
No one knows I’m not the jerk I seem.

I was always cold and kind of distant
Now these days I’m holding back
Never growing old, the things I’ve missed and
Now I find I lack.

You really need a smack.

At least I’m wearing black.

You seem pretty skilled, and I’m just thrilled
To hear you haven’t killed
But you’ve been going through the motions
Living out a lie.
How much longer are you going to try?

Maybe one day I’ll be vicious
Now I’ve met someone delicious.

See, I knew you’d get ambitious.

I don’t want to be
Going through the motions
How much can I take?
Bella’s special scent
Has me so discontent…

See, this is what I meant. Eat stake.

Originally posted on Making Light