Monthly Archives: August 2005

Tom Fraser, Adam Banks – Designers Color Manual

Not really a manual, and I’m not sure how much experienced designers will learn from it. I bought it because I have not formal design training, and wanted an introduction to colour theory. This book covers a lot of ground, from colour in paintings and print, to use of Photoshop and the web, but it’s not very deep. With its many short, easily digestible sections, it has highlighted plenty of areas that interest me and that I’d like to know more about, and has given me starting points for when I have time to examine these areas in more depth.

John Sandford – Broken Prey

Another excellent slice of Lucas Davenport thriller action. For a change, the identity of the killer isn’t revealed until late in the book (although Sandford still writes sections from the killer’s perspective throughout). This lends more of a sense of mystery to the plot, but I’m not sure if it actually adds anything to the tension levels, which are generally set to “high” anyway. The climax is one of the most energetic Sandford has staged recently. Very worthwhile.