Friday Dragonslayer: Michael

Smiting the Dragon of Sin

Description: The Archangel Michael spears a beast with “the strength of God” in a page from the Black Book of the Exchequer.
Date: 13th century
Our Catalogue Reference: E 36/266

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From the UK Archives in Flickr Commons.

3 thoughts on “Friday Dragonslayer: Michael”

  1. Very nice, Abi. It’s clear to see the artistic form (even down to the manner of depiction) was clearly an early thing.

    Hope you got my email.

  2. I particularly like Michael’s toes.

    I did get your email — I’m just hopelessly behind! I’m trying to catch up this weekend.

  3. Not a problem! (I just thought I’d mention it, in case there was a problem with email)

    I’ve just realised the dragon has toes too: but (presumably) only two legs!!

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