Making Light: Holed up in the mall

The official story is that Making Light is down because its server is down. Patrick is SpeakerToHostingProviders in this context. All will be well, and updates will appear here in a calm and controlled manner:

But, dear reader, I can reveal to you that this is all a cover-up, because the officials don’t want you to know the truth: the Zombie Apocalypse has come, and our beloved Making Light is trapped inside a mall.

For the latest updates, check out the Making Light Twitter feed. I’ll repost them in the comments as well, and any suggestions for what our beloved website can do are most welcome.

3:25 pm EST: Per Patrick, the server crashed. Hosting Matters is doing a disk check and will bring it back “soon”.

4:14 pm EST: And we’re back. It was all a dream. Honest.

4 thoughts on “Making Light: Holed up in the mall”

  1. Tweets so far:

    “We appear to be under zombie attack^H^H^H inexplicably down. Currently holed up in a mall^H^H^Hchecking with the hosting service.”

    “Further bulletins as events warrant.”

    “Wishing we’d gone to the pub with Shaun instead of the mall. Zombies still outside, lurching and moaning.”

    “Found something useful-looking in the hardware store here in the mall. It’s labeled a Lobo. Think I’ll take it with me.”

  2. I’ve just been rereading “A Fire Upon The Deep” – are you sure that’s really Patrick and Making Light, as opposed to an ancient evil from the high beyond impersonating them?

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