Semi-Occluded Light

That collection of abstractions bound together by a mental model* that we usually refer to as “Making Light” has got back-end troubles. Although it does not reflect the underlying reality, feel free to think of it as the result of an enormous office party by the comment approval gnomes. That’s much more entertaining than “too many connections”.

The upshot is that you must treat what already sits on the site as a perfect jewel. Feel free to admire it, but you may not at this point add to it. Commenting is broken.

A support ticket has been raised with the host, but until we get this fixed, feel free to chat here.

Further bulletins as events warrant. The final update will mention a murnival.

Further Bulletin One:
The error message all the cool kids are getting has moved from “too many connections” to “Can’t call method "created_on" on an undefined value.”

* Or rather, a coalescence of multiple mental models which mostly† manage to intersect into a single consensus reality‡. I would never expect that anyone else’s mental model is any more than functionally equivalent to mine.
†in this context, possessing an outlying model is symptomatic of trolldom.
‡ I can’t believe I just used “reality” as a synonym for the internet.

23 thoughts on “Semi-Occluded Light”

  1. Meanwhile… I’ll be in the Bay Area the week of March 15 for my yearly review. Of COURSE, I later found out that there’d be a steampunk event in Emeryville the weekend of March 12-14. Bah humbug.

  2. I see I had the second to last comment before it ground to a halt. This makes sense, as of all the children of my mother and her seven brothers and sisters, I am the youngest boy. Only my cousin Teresa is younger than I.

    This has been today’s installment of “Coincidences only of real interest to Johnnie”.

  3. OK, ‘fesse* up, who broke the internets?

    *No, Serge, I will not drag this into bilingual punning. No sirree.

  4. I’m getting a 404 error with Making Light. (Naturally, it happened while I was composing a comment.) I hope it’s nothing serious.

  5. It’s now almost 10:00 my time, and ML has been down hard (as in 404) for at least a couple of hours. I’m suspecting a server issue.

  6. I can’t reach the light
    And because it’s a haiku
    I’ll mention the spring

  7. umpteenth the note that ML is down, and I’m getting 404 on the ‘error document’. (Which is a first for me. The server must be submarine, if it can’t find the 404 page.)

  8. Intertubes, shmintertubes
    Our PhotoGenesis
    Isn’t responding
    To comment or ping.

    How can we deal with this
    Withdrawal symptoms are
    An awful thing!

  9. as of 11:45 pm (eastern US time) it’s partly restored. (main page is there. particles are error messages. links to comments don’t work)

    I’ll stop bugging it for the time being and give it a chance to heal and recover.

  10. It’s back up now.

    They were moving us to a new server, and I guess there were hiccups. But now we’re on a new server, with more oomph*.

    * That’s a technical IT term. If you’re not familiar with it, that just means I’m more techie than you, Hem.

  11. It’s 2:44 pm EST and I keep getting “connection timed out”. Furthermore, abi, all the dates for the comments here display as back in February and March, with times I’m not entirely prepared to believe.

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