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Teresa here. I’ve figured out how to make a Google doc universally readable. Please understand that vast amounts of what we’ve been sent is still being logged. This just means you get to see it happening.

There are now two spreadsheets. One is the general spreadsheet Abi built yesterday. I can’t make it visible because Abi owns it, and I didn’t ask her about it before she left for the day. The other is a new one I just put together. It lists individual users known to have posted on or later than 01 March 2008, and notes whether their comments have been saved, and by whom. (If you’re working on that project and want to be able to enter data, write and ask. Our addresses are in their usual spot.)

Here’s the link:

Individual commenters: saved or unsaved.

It’s too bad Mike Ford isn’t here to write “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry Google.”

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  1. I have a Gmail account and I signed in. I get a spreadsheet that has one line in it.

  2. The spreadsheet doesn’t seem to contain much yet, though — just the headings and one line (Lee). Is that the way it’s supposed to look?

  3. That’s what I get. Now can somebody *without* a gmail account please try?

  4. Uh… try *what*? There’s nothing to do if you can’t sign in. How do I know? Even though I have a Gmail account, I simply didn’t sign in.

    There’s nothing to do until you do sign in.

    So, you have to have a Gmail account, so far as I can see.

  5. It doesn’t have to be a GMail account – I have a Google Groups login, and that was sufficient to get me in.

  6. I just found out what is going on! And I must go to bed!

    I’ll check back in 8 hours, and see what I can do. Good luck intrepid rescuers!

    (I am also getting a single-name google document.)

  7. I have a Google Analytics account, and that let me sign into the Google Docs page, but again only with one line filled in.

  8. Michael,

    There you may go, I’m still getting a single line of entry in the spreadsheet. I’m reluctant to enter anything in it for fear of destroying anything that’s already there, and for some reason invisible to me, or putting something in that will get nuked when this problem is fixed. I’ll continue to save comments as I find them, and enter them in the spreadsheet when Teresa reports the problem is resolved.

    I can say right now there are at least 3 people whose “view-all-by” in googlecache has been overwritten as Teresa mentioned in a previous thread. There’s some urgency here in getting this stuff back. Also, the Yahoo caches look odd; I suspect them of not being correct even for the periods they seem to cover.

    Bruce C.

  9. I guess I can be glad I’ve been busy with grad school the last few months. I’m seeing only one line on the google doc – Lee, Don Delny, OT106.

  10. I see “view only” in the upper left next to the spreadsheet’s file name. I think the owner of the doc has to define people either collectively or individually as collaborators (through a menu option for the former or through invitation for the latter). I’m getting this perception through the Help Center info Google offers at the Help button at the top of the spreadsheet page.

  11. I’m seeing the one line also, and am logged in via my gmail account.

    I pulled my comments from Google cache last night and will forward them to Teresa in a couple minutes.

  12. Likewise, one line… I was hoping for more direction than that….

    After this is all done with, I do hope someone can follow up on the issues with the yahoo caches….

  13. Noting that the 3 lists w/ 270 names total corresponds to 3 files (which, in the light of morning, may have been too large at 3-4 megs each) containing Google’s copy of those comments that I emailed to P & T. Sent as a Tar.gz.

    Those are people who posted at least once in April. I haven’t used the method on March. I assume there’d be far fewer unique people found this way for March, as most would already be in the April set.

  14. Apologies. The announcement was premature.

    Right after I set up the spreadsheet and posted the entry, Patrick and I settled down to sort through the salvaged material we’ve received. There’s a lot of it, and it’s complicated. It’s taking longer than anticipated.

    As soon as I finish downloading and labeling everything I have that contains entries, particles, and sidelights, and handing it over to Patrick, I’ll be able to start logging in all the caches of individual comments, including all the ones that Patrick is handing off to me.

  15. IMPORTANT (as I haven’t seen this posted yet): the MSN cache is considerably better and more up-to-date than the Google. I just searched for the Eric Clapton thread and got 105 comments to April 30th, as opposed to last complete #10, highest number 73 on the master list.

  16. And “Where do people find the time” is 251 comments to May 2nd. “Open Thread 103” has 168 comments to April 30th. EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. USE MSN SEARCH, NOT GOOGLE.

  17. re Jon at 20:38

    I had in my computer, and sent to P & T:

    Open Thread 106 through #288, May 03, 2008, 03:10 AM:

    Where do poeple find the Time? through #254, May 03, 2008, 02:07 AM

  18. The MSN search crawler date is coming up as 4/30 or 5/1, consistently; and I haven’t hit a truncated thread yet. I am in the process of sending every thread title I can find in the master list table on to Teresa.

  19. I’m back online with keyboard at the ready – but not sure what exactly needs to be done.

    I see 100 lines of entries (up to “mary dell sees spammish”) and all and only work by Kathryn from.

    Are each supposed to look for data for each of the names in Jim’s list? (I’m on the chat space in the googledocs document, as well).

  20. I’ve posted several times since March 1, although I don’t know how to use the Google/MSN caches that well to find my own posts.

    I’m pretty sure that cory had a post or two on the Little Brother thread, and I don’t know at what number, so I don’t know if he should be added to the spread sheet or not.

  21. Spherical Time: I’ve just saved your View All By comments, as well as Cory’s. They may be duplicate efforts, but I’ll send them in later anyway.

  22. I don’t see my name in the spreadsheet (created a Google account so I could take a look), so I just sent Patrick my View All By as saved from MSN’s cache. It’s current through April 29, which may or may not be my last comment.

  23. I have an excel-format list of stuff here: http://www.canary3d.com/marys/list.zip

    It combines google & msn’s cached versions of the “view last 4k comments” for a grand total (list only, not actual comments) of 3k. Eh. The first 600 are as of 4-30 and the rest are as of 4-25 with no overlap. From that I’ve culled a list of unique names & a list of threads – view all 3 pages of the workbook to see those.

    I’ve grabbed “view all by” caches from MSN/live.com for:

    Kathryn from Sunnyvale
    Kathryn Cramer
    Jon Meltzer
    Bruce Baugh

    I also saved & sent my own from my local cache.

    Tried Xopher, Serge, and Bruce Cohen-Speaker but those caches were v v old.

  24. Yep, my MSN cache is much more complete than my Google one. I’ve been such a googlehead over the years, but MSN just earned itself a fresh chance to be in my regular rotation of sites because of that. I’ll email it.

  25. In some cases the google cache is newer; in most cases the MSN one is – I think the key is to use both.

  26. Thank you all for routing around the damage. I hardly got any sleep Saturday night, and on Sunday I gradually ground to a halt.

    I’m still trying to catch up on cataloguing data, along with all the other stuff I was going to be catching up on over the weekend, and the other catching-up I have to do on stuff that came up while all the rest of this stuff was happening.

    My hardware is not up to spec for the software it contains.

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