Standing poised…

…at the edge of the high diving board, toes curled just over the edge, arms extended to their fullest length. I can feel the thrum of the board as I flex my calves a little, just scraping the soles of my feet on the rough surface. This is the moment before the moment, before I bounce down, then up, before I soar and slowly draw my hands together above my head, before the long inevitable plunge to the water.

Tomorrow morning I fly out to Amsterdam. Monday I start my new job. Although I will be back in Edinburgh every weekend in July, tomorrow’s trip marks the first stage of moving out of Scotland.

I take a deep breath…

2 thoughts on “Standing poised…”

  1. Exciting!! The good vibes you encountered when you interviewed should quickly outpace your anxieties and bring you into a completely enjoyable environment. Like a new romance… except, I suppose, that one has to work.



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