Grrr! Argh!

The house in Wormerveer has just fallen through.

The owner is not going to Mallorca with his family next year, so he is not renting it out. We have to find another place.

This is really, really disappointing. It was a great house, light and airy and well suited to us. And the process of looking for housing is discouraging and frustrating, time-consuming and generally a drag.


13 thoughts on “Grrr! Argh!”

  1. There’s no consolation if you really loved the place, however from our own experience of trying to find somewhere in Edinburgh I’ll try!

    A number of times we thought we’d found the place but there was always something in the way. Of course with hindsight we hadn’t really found the place, and we’re always so glad that we didn’t buy these places when we drive by them, because we have the perfect place now.

    Here’s to the next one being even better.

  2. Oh great. Sure, it’ll all work out, and for all I know, the new place will be even better, and you won’t have a jerk for a landlord, but in the meantime, bleh… The bottom line is that it WILL work out for the best and the day you move in, I’ll have a small drink to the occasion since I can’t be there to help or to participate in the housewarming celebrations.

  3. But Serge, the landlord wasn’t a jerk; that’s the worst of it. His art project fell through, so he can’t go.

    We still get OUR adventure, just in a different house (and now I know someone interesting in the Netherlands). His family don’t get to go adventuring next year.

  4. Then I take back the qualifier I added to the word ‘landlord’. I assumed flakiness on his part. That was unfair. True, it was also based on some experiences on my own, but still unfair in this case. Anyway, I’m glad to hear that there already are some possibilities to make up for the recent disappointment.

  5. I am sorry to hear the news. The only good thing about looking for a house is that it’s less painful than looking for a job! I hope you can find a good one without too much effort.



  6. There actually is a bright side: now you have to spend more time seeing the Netherlands. If you already had a house, you’d be doing boring things like packing and planning where to put the furniture. This way you get to travel and look at new places.

    But, Pollyanna aside, it’s a shame, because that sounded like a very nice house. Still, now you know someone who lives there and has good taste in real estate, so maybe the artist will hear of something you’ll love.

  7. Hey, bad news! Especially since you liked it so much!! Here’s hoping the next one is even better!


  8. Hello, abi!

    I finally got around to checking my ~514@gmail account and saw your email of June 8th. Apologies for taking so long to reply! However, when I attempted to send a response I got a Delivery Failed notification from the postmaster at blueyonder. I just wanted to let you know that I appreciated your note. Thanks!

    And good luck with finding a house. Major life plans falling through at the last moment is a terrible, gut-wrenching experience. You have all my sympathies.

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