im in ur ruinz shamblin about
smellin lik deth and rotn dekay
mices and birdies all runin out
i can has brains?

i tiny kittee not veri tal
bitin ur nekaps off if i mai
clim up a tree an on ur hed fal
i can has brains?

member before-tym i was alaiv
lying in sunshine all dai
eten da kat fud when it ariv
i can has brains?

movin so slow 2 make u feel saif
m just a kittee don run awai
put out sum milk fur pur litl wafe
i can has brains?

time fur da pouncin then i mov fazt!
betr than katnip now i kan plai…
big meatie human i make u last.
i can has brains!

This was originally posted in the Making Light LOLCats thread.