5 Little-Known Things About Me

Martin tagged me with this meme, after I took the pictures for his entry. No photos in mine, I’m afraid, but here are five things you probably didn’t know about me.

  1. The bass line
    I have a real affinity for the bass line in music. I love the way a well-written piece will use it to buoy up the melody. I first learned to appreciate it in high school, when I played the bass clarinet (ordinary clarinet didn’t suit my snobbish elitism). Now, although I am technically a soprano, I prefer to sing alto.
  2. Black? Not so much
    Although you can’t tell it by looking at me, black is not actually my favourite colour. I like wearing it, but I prefer looking at shades of green (not too bright) and purple.
  3. Not long all along
    Although I am known for my long hair, I haven’t always worn it this way. When I was 13, I had it cut in a Princess Di style. That lasted less than a year, before I decided I did prefer having it long.
  4. Feats of toughness
    When I was a teenager, I almost never wore shoes in the summer (“summer” being defined as April to October in California). Inevitably, I developed some amazing calluses on my feet. I used to be able to pirouette barefoot on concrete without pain. I gave it up when I moved to Scotland, mostly because we lived in a couple of areas where the dog owners have no manners.
  5. Fabric Fussiness
    I learned to sew when I was 13 or 14, and have been making clothes on and off since then (it’s handy when you don’t match the dominant body shape, or the current taste in styling). This means I’ve handled a lot of different fabrics, and learned a lot about their different properties. Each type of material has its own hand. Over time, I have come to prefer – strongly – the hands of natural fibres such as wool, cotton, linen and silk over synthetic ones. Synthetics have a perceptible greasiness that repels me. I rarely buy anything of artificial fibre now, particularly to wear against my skin.

Dear readers, now it is your turn. Surprise me.

6 thoughts on “5 Little-Known Things About Me”

  1. A challenge, eh, abi? My response will be posted first thing tomorrow. Oh, and thanks for posting that photo of Martin. I see from his own entry that he and I have one other thing in common: besides our being chosen as mates by California girls, we both have thumbs that bend back a lot.

  2. Mine are out there too. Not very exciting either.

    I now have this vision of a very young abi as a wild girl going around a forest, her feet bare, and befriending mythological creatures, and ensorcelling them with her sonnets,

  3. Ooooh, I must delurk to say “me too!” re: the bass line, clarinet chic, the bass clarinet, and singing alto. In fact, when my shoddy old highschool cancelled the band program, I forgot to bring the bass clarinet in on the day they took down serial numbers. As a result, it disappeared from the system and I had nowhere to return it to… so I kept it. I wrestled with the guilt for years (it happened 7 years ago), but since I actually use it (around Christmas, generally) and it would be sitting in a dusty storage locker instead, and because it is so banged-up it isn’t worth anything, I’ve come to live with, even enjoy, my one divergence from my strict ethical code.

  4. Abi, if you like natural fibres in your clothing try [URL deleted]

    We use only pure and natural high end fibres in all our garments, or workers have grown with us over decades, we are not a sweat shop and pay fair wages above national industry minimums for our starting staff and naturally increasing with seniority. We are a fashion conscious as well as an environment conscious company. I could go on, but we prefer our customers to speak for us.

    Try us and see.

  5. I don’t buy anything from spammers, any more than I do from door to door salesmen. This includes comment spammers.

    Four unsolicited comments on my site (I deleted three) – plus an insulting comment on the site where you found my URL – does not constitute good sales technique.

    Do not post here again.

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