For a number of reasons, I’ve been writing a lot of sonnets lately. Most of them are heavily context-dependent, and I’m not going to get into the context here. But there was one, just dashed off, that I thought would be good to post.


It’s hard to pry the schoolboy from the Wii
Or his admiring sister from the couch
(She likes to watch him play). For me,
To make them move means being Mama Grouch.
But up the stairs and out of clothes they go
Then run and hide, one giggler per bed,
Until the bath is full. It’s then, they know,
I’ll come and pull the duvet off each head.
The bath is soothing, time to settle down,
Then brushing teeth and choosing one book each.
He fidgets, but she listens with a frown
And wants the book left close within her reach.
A kiss, two kisses, and two hugs goodnight
A last shared smile, and I turn out the light.

Soppy, I know, but that’s what I get to do half the evenings of the week.

4 thoughts on “Sonnets”

  1. Three questions, abi…

    1) Scary job, raising kids?
    2) What is a “Wii”?
    3) Would you mind some questions about Absolute Write? I’d have written to you, but can’t find your email address anywhere on your site. You now know mine.

    Keep at it.
    And thanks for everything.

  2. Serge:
    1. Yes. But worth it.
    2. The latest Nintendo game console.
    3. As answered in email, I will happily answer questions on Absolute Write. I will endeavour to be amusing. Never having joined that community, however, what I cannot be is either useful or informative.

    Thank you.
    I confess that I had to look the term up. As always, you are an education to converse with.

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