Parental Geek Cred – –

In the style of the “What Happened Next?” game beloved of talk shows, geeks and geekettes, what happened before Fiona shook her finger in my face and shouted, “Dat’s a MOON not a ‘pace tason!”

3 thoughts on “Parental Geek Cred – –”

  1. The other night we watched Star Wars Ep.IV with Thomas (now 6) and he thought that the Death Star was a planet? Were you watching Star Wars with Fiona? I don’t have much of a Sci-Fi geek cred (mine is a more liberal arts nerdism), but since I married a major geek I have a little “in.” I hope I’m right!

  2. Actually, we were just walking home, pointing out the wonders of the world, when I felt the irresistible urge to quote.

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