Doomed to Repeat It

Lessons from history: the Titanic

  1. Engineering can’t prevent disasters. All it can do is make them less likely and make their impacts less severe. Water, in particular, always finds a way in. Plan accordingly.
  2. Everybody gets a seat on the lifeboat. Anything else – like an evacuation plan that only saves people with access to a car – is criminal.

At least when the Titanic sank, rescue was prompt.

That is all I can bear to post about Hurricane Katrina. I know no one from New Orleans, yet the whole affair breaks my heart. I regret that I never saw it in its former glory, but I would trade a lifetime of longing to see it for the lives that were lost.

2 thoughts on “Doomed to Repeat It”

  1. Amazingly my wife and I had just returned from vacation in New Orleans when Hurricane Katrina hit.
    What’s amazing is after the Hurricane Bush gave relief money to the cruise ship industry to house survivors. However, the money he gave them was twice as much as a cruise on the same ship for the same amount of time? [per CNN]


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