Holidays and Secret Identities

Do you think Superman ever took a holiday by just pretending to be Clark Kent all the time?

I’m on holiday for a fortnight, and I’m not going anywhere. (That is not strictly true. I may ride my new bike around, and I have to go to the tannery. But I’m not off to the Azores to sun myself senseless.)

Instead, I’m spending a fortnight pretending to be a bookbinder. Necessity is the mother of this particular intention, because I need to have eight books bound for Worldcon and I only got the sheets on Friday.

I need the break. Work is great – I love my job and the people I work with, but I’ve been getting stressed too easily. I’m fresh out of patience, optimism and gentle tolerance, and have been running on waspish comments and sarcasm.

Time for some solitude, some creativity, and some peace. Time to be the mild-mannered reporter and leave the battles with Lex Luthor for someone else.

One thought on “Holidays and Secret Identities”

  1. If Superman didn’t, then he definitely needed to do it. It does no good to continually bear the weight of the world on his shoulders without a break, otherwise Superman is just as likely to mistake someone quite innocent for Lex in disguise.

    Glad you’re getting to take a break for some ‘creativity, solitude and peace.’ That’s usually what recharges my batteries also. There’s nothing quite like it.

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