The Gum Fence, The Final Chapter

Followers of the Gum Fence Saga will recall that in Episode one, your heroine found over three hundred pieces of chewing gum stuck on the points of the wrought iron fence by her employer’s car park. Episode two found our narrator with delusions of grandeur bemused by the activities of said employer’s fence painters, who appeared to have primed over the gum rather than removing it. I’m sure you, dear readers, joined our viewpoint character of very little real significance in wondering what would happen next.

I can now confirm that our most cynical expectations have been confirmed. They painted over the gum.

Taken 19 April 2005

7 thoughts on “The Gum Fence, The Final Chapter”

  1. The bulbousness on the top of each of the spikes is primed and painted chewing gum.

  2. The first and third spikes are good examples. See the little dark horizontal line, topped with a light-coloured triangle, on the nearest spike? That’s a glob of gum, roughly pyramidal. The dark line is the shadowed overhang. There’s a similar overhang and light pyramid combo on the third spike.

  3. I’ll get you some photos of a road in Leith, Edinburgh where they dug up cobbles to do some repairs, and replaced them with clay, which they drew lines in to make it look like the adjacent cobbles. Brilliant.

  4. Matt,
    I’d love to see that. Send me the photo and I’ll post it on the blog (or post it on yours and I’ll link it).

    Shhh! It’s special stealth paint, left over from bomber painting, but don’t tell anyone!

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