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Every workday, I try to walk part of the way home. When the wind is gale-force or the sleet is dripping down my neck, I don’t do so well at it. But the rest of the time, the walk is a good wind-down after work, a chance to adjust to my home life, and an opportunity to immerse myself in a city I love.

Walking through the city has made me want to photograph it. And I have been, with my camera phone. But the pictures have been sitting there, stuck on the phone, until I got it together to get the cable and software together to be able to download them.

So here are a couple from December walks home. If I can get it together, I’ll start a regular column on what I see as I walk, with photos. The picture quality isn’t anything to shout about, but phone shots are better than none at all, which is what I would take if I had to bring a digital camera with me all the time. (I can barely keep track of my keys, some days.)

All of the trees in Edinhurgh’s main park, Princes Street Gardens, are lit up during the holiday season. But instead of going around the trees, the lights go along the trunk and branches. Taken 8 December 2004.

Smily found in chalk on the side of a burnt-out Bank of Scotland building opposite the Museum of Scotland. Connected to the arson attack that destroyed the branch? Probably not. Good use of symbols? Yes. Meaning? Unknown. Taken 8 December 2004.

3 thoughts on “Phone Pix”

  1. I think that second photo was supposed to be a message of hope or something. Maybe a reminder of the constant need to move from negative to positive.

    At least, that’s what I’ve decided it means. 😉

  2. A little bird found me and told me that my name was on your web blog. It took me the better part of this evening to find it, but then of course I didn’t know I was looking for Abi Sutherland, I was looking for Abigail Foley. I can see that you are doing great. Drop me a line and I’ll tell you about me.

    Wishing you all the best.

    – Jason Camara

  3. Rick,

    Your comment has me humming “You’ve got to ac-centuate the positive, e-lim-inate the negative…” all day. This would be so much better an idea if it didn’t vividly remind me of the scary climactic scene in Sue Grafton’s “C is for Corpse”, where the murderer is chasing a drugged Kinsey Milhone around Santa Teresa General Hospital, singing that song.


    Good to hear from you again. I’ve emailed you.

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