Alex, where’s yer troosers?

Alex, where’s yer troosers?

OK, the short story is: Cameron (Martin’s cousin and a groomsman at our wedding) and Clare (a very beautiful woman) got married last weekend. We all went. Alex wore (in the loosest sense, at times) a kilt, which was cute and funny. We had a great time.

Below are some pictures, as evidence. They aren’t all the pictures from the wedding, nor necessarily the best ones. They’re just what I picked out to get something onto the web.

Dada and Alex

Kissing the Bride

All the kilted folk…spot the one whose shirt is coming untucked!

Mama & Fiona

Sharing a joke with grandda

“Everybody look left and laugh!

Family portrait 1

Family portrait 2: Kyle is ready to dance!

Family portrait 3

Cam & Clare under an onslaught of confetti

Kyle jumps the gun on tea

Swinging boy

William Wallace, eat your heart out

“Yeah, the kilt is a babe magnet. I know.”

Dada agrees about the babe magnet

Dancing with Grandma

Dancing with Beth and Anna…wardrobe malfunction immanent!

Needing a little help pulling the kilt back up.

Fiona takes a break

Tired after the party.

5 thoughts on “Alex, where’s yer troosers?”

  1. After much thinking I’ve decided that Alex’s and Martin’s tartans don’t match. Being a lowly Canadian, this makes no sense to me…

  2. There’s not a lot of demand for kilts for children; given kilt prices they are an investment garment once you’ve got your growth. So one tends to hire kilts for a child.

    But Sutherland is not a common clan, particularly not down here in the Lowlands. So kilt hire shops don’t stock it, even for adults. Alex’ kilt was a hired one, in a variation of Flower of Scotland (a nice, clan-neutral tartan not too dissimilar to Sutherland.)

    Note that Martin, Scott and Ian all have matching kilts, not just in Sutherland tartan, but in Ancient Weathered Sutherland. All three were made at the same time, from the same bolt of cloth. The Sutherland tartan also comes in a darker variety, and in one with larger squares. So even if we had dressed Alex in Sutherland, it still might not have matched.

    Confused? Hey, if it were simple, everyone would be doing it!

  3. A nice touch that they all came from the same bolt of cloth! It does make sense. I also seem to remember that most clans have a “dress-up” tartan and a more casual one? But I might be making that up.

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