Lostprophets – Start Something

A fun, energetic, light metal album but not a terribly memorable or original one. The songs are easy to rock out to while I’m listening to them, but as soon as I turn off the music, the hooks and melodies drift away like smoke in a breeze. There are a couple of outstanding tracks (the single “Last Train Home”, and the radio-friendly top-down driving anthem “Last Summer”) but the rest is an over-produced mish-mash of modern rock and metal influences. Throughout the album, I find myself constantly thinking, “oh, that sounds exactly like A…no, it’s Good Charlotte…no, it’s Mansun…no, it’s….” You get the picture. That’s not to say that the fusion of influences is bad–I do like it a lot–just that it’s about as edgy and in-your-face as, say, Starbucks. It’s an album that will bring Lostprophets a lot of popularity, but it won’t earn them a place in rock history.

3 thoughts on “Lostprophets – Start Something

  1. Lisa

    No, I disagree…I think this band will be big, and due to their straightedge lifestyle may be around for a long time. The song Last Train Home is one of the best songs I’ve heard in a long time and I’m no teenager.

  2. Suzanne

    You dont know what you are talking about. Lostprophets are doing really well in America and have already established a fan base there and in the UK, Germany, France and Austraillia. You cant say they wont be remembered. They will. Just because they dont do drugs or leave their hair to grow, doesnt mean they arent “rock” everyone has different opinions, but yours is bull.

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