Fiona is 1022 days old today. This is significant because Alex was 1022 days old when Fiona was born, which means that he is exactly twice as old as his little sister today.

Alex and Fiona together

Fiona’s eyes are red and her face looks puffy because she has a terrible cold right now. Alex looks silly because…well, he is.

2 Replies to “1022”

  1. Times like this stick, and no doubt I’ll have similar ones to come. Deb at 22 plus her mum at 55 equals Grandma at 77, and it was all single digit ages. And it was a full moon.

  2. See, told you these numbers were important: Today marks 2012 days until the start of the 2012 Olympics, which is looking to be 2012 million pounds over budget.

    OK, the last bit’s made up. It’ll be more cash than that.

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