Martin and Abi's Weeded Books, 20 October 2002

Author Title Publisher Format Type (f=fiction, n=non-fiction, a=anthology, c=classics, r=reference, t=textbook Notes
Preston, Charlotte; Dunton, Trevor Little Terror's First Six Weeks Metro Books p n  
Adlard, Mark Interface SFBC h f  
Aickman, Robert The 8th Fontana Book of Great Ghost Stories Fontana p a  
Air Wair Limited Dr Martens Air Wair Limited lfh n  
Allen, Roger MacBride The Ring Of Charon Orbit h f  
Allende, Isabel The Stories of Eva Luna Hamish Hamilton p f  
Alten, Steve Meg Headline Feature p f  
Amis, Martin God's Dice Penguin sp f  
Anderson, Janice The Life and Works of Vincent Van Gough Paragon h n  
Anderson, Poul Fantasy Tor p f  
Anderson, Poul The Trouble Twisters Panther p f  
Anderson, Poul Time and Stars Panther p f  
Anon Stories for Summer Marshall Cavendish p a  
Anthony, Piers Prostho Plus SFBC h f  
Appolonius Rhodius The Voyage of Argo (trans Rieu, EV) Penguin p c  
Apuleus The Golden Ass (trans Lindsay, Jack) Indiana University Press p c  
Armstrong, Campbell Jig Coronet p f  
Asimov, Isaac Purr-fect Crime Lynx p a  
Asimov, Isaac The Sport of Crime Lynx Books p a  
Asimov, Isaac; Greenberg, Martin; Waugh, Charles Asimov's Ghosts & Monsters Armada p a  
Asprin, Robert Myth-Nomers and Im-Pervections Legend p f  
Austen, Jane Emma Penguin p f  
Austen, Jane Lady Susan/The Watsons/ Sanditon Penguin p f  
Bagley, Michael The Plutonium Factor Penguin p f  
Bailey, Fenton The Junk Bond Revolution Mandarin p n  
Barjavel, Rene The Ice People SFBC h f  
Barker, Clive Weaveworld Fontana p f  
Barker, Pat The Ghost Road Penguin p f  
Barnes, John A Million Open Doors Millennium p f  
Barnes, Jonathan Early Greek Philosophy Penguin p n  
Baxendale, Martin Your New Baby - An Owner's Manual Silent But Deadly p n  
Baxter, Stephen Ring Harper SF p f  
Beard, Henry; Cerf, Christopher The Official Politically Correct Dictionary Grafton p r  
Bell, Clare The Jaguar Princess Tor p f  
Bible Psalms (introduction by Bono) Pocket Canon p r  
Boardman Jr, Tom Science Fiction Stories Octopus h a  
Bova, Ben Test of Fire Methuen p f  
Bova, Ben; Austin, AJ To Fear the Light Tor p f  
Bradbury, Ray R is for Rocket Pan p f  
Bradbury, Ray The October Country Four Square p f  
Bradley, Marion The Firebrand Sphere p f  
Bradley, Marion The Mists of Avalon Sphere p f  
Brelich, A Grieken en Goden Van Dishoek h c Dutch
Brett, Michael How To Read the Financial Pages 3rd Edition Century p n  
Brooks, Terry A Knight of the Word BCA h f second in series (running with the demon)
Brunner, John The Dramaturges of Yan NEL p f  
Brust, Steven The Sun, the Moon and the Stars Ace p f  
Bryson, Hector Doctors, Bodies & Snatchers Canongate h f  
Buchan, John Augustus Hodder and Stoughton h f  
Bull, Emma Falcon Ace p f  
Burgess, Eric Sattelites and Spaceflight The Scientific Book Club h n  
Burke, James Lee Dixie City Jam Phoenix p f  
Calder, Richard Dead Girls HarperCollins p f  
Cameron, Lou Cybernia Coronet p f  
Campbell, Ramsey The Parasite Headline h f  
Card, Orson Scott The Call of Earth Legend lfp f  
Card, Orson Scott The Memory of Earth Tor h f  
Carr, Caleb The Angel Of Darkness Warner p f  
Carroll, Jonathan From the Teeth of Angels Harper Collins p f  
Carter, Angela The Passion of the New Eve Virago p f  
Carter, Lin Beyond the Gates of Dream Star p f  
Carter, Lin Sky Pirates of Callisto Orbit p f  
Carter, Lin The Wizard of Lemuria Tandem p f  
Carter, Lin Thongor at the End of Time Tandem p f  
Carter, Lin Thongor in the City of Magicians Tandem p f  
Carter, Lin Thongor of Lemuria Tandem p f  
Carver, Jeffrey The Rapture Effect Orbit p f  
Catholic Church Codex Iuris Canonici Vatican c r Latin
Chalker, Jack L Echoes of the Well of Souls Del Rey p f  
Chalker, Jack L Lords of the Middle Dark New English Library p f  
Chalker, Jack L Masks of the Martyrs New English Library p f  
Chalker, Jack L Pirates of the Thunder New English Library p f  
Chalker, Jack L Warriors of the Storm New English Library p f  
Chalker, Jack L. Shadow of the Well of Souls Del Rey p f  
Chandler, A. Bertram Space Mercenaries Priory Books p f  
Chekhov, Anton Five Plays Oxford University Press p f  
Cherryh, CJ Cuckoo's Egg Mandarin p f  
Cherryh, CJ Serpent's Reach Mandarin p f  
Child, Lee The Visitor Bantam p f  
Christopher, John A Wrinkle in the Skin Sphere p f  
Christopher, John Beyond the Burning Lands Hamish Hamilton h f  
Christopher, John The Sword of the Spirits Puffin p f  
Clark, Ronald W Einstein: The Life and Times Discus p b  
Cole, Allan; Bunch, Chris The Far Kingdoms Legend p f  
Coney, Michael G Mirror Image SFBC h f  
Conrad, Joseph Lord Jim Marshall Cavendish h f  
Cook, Chris Pear's Cyclopedia, 102nd Edtion, 1993-1994 Pelham books h r  
Cooper, Edmund Prisoner of Fire Coronet p f  
Cooper, Edmund The Tenth Planet SFBC h f  
Cooper, Edmund Transit Ace p f  
Cornwell, Patricia Southern Cross Warner p f  
Cotterell, Arthur; Storm, Rachel The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Mythology Lorenz lfh n  
Cottle, Basil The Penguin Dictionary of Surnames Penguin p r  
Covey, Stephen R. The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People Simon & Schuster lfp n  
Cowper, Richard Clone SFBC h f  
Cowper, Richard The Twilight of Briareus Pan p f  
Crane, Stephen The Red Badge of Courage Signet Classic p f  
Crowley, John Beasts Orbit p f  
Curwen, John Standard Course in the Tonic Sol-Fa Method Curwen h t pub 1900
Damste, Onno Romeinse Sagen en Verhalen Prisma p c Dutch
David, Peter Q in Law Star Trek p f  
Davies, Paul God and the New Physics Penguin p n  
Day, Dianne The Strange Files of Fremont Jones Bantam p f  
de Chardin, Teilhard Man's Place in Nature Fontana p n  
De Quincey, Thomas The Works of Thomas De Quincey I: Confessions of an English Opium-Eater William Clowes & Sons l n
Deaver, Jeffery The Empty Chair Coronet p f  
Deayton, Angus et al Have I Got News For You BBC lfp h  
del Martia, Astron One Against Time Trojan p f  
Del Rey, Lester The Mysterious Planet Ballantine p f  
Delaney, Samuel R Dhalgren Bantam p f  
Dickson, Gordon R Space Winners Children's Book Club h f  
Dickson, Gordon R Time Storm Sphere p f  
Dictionary French-English/English-French Dictionary Tophi lfp n
Dictionary The New College Latin Dictionary Bantam p r  
Disch, Thomas M Echo Round His Brain Compact SF p f New Worlds SF 169
Doeser, Linda The Life and Works of Da Vinci Paragon h n  
Donnelly, Joe Still Life Century h f  
D'Souza, Dinesh Illiberal Education Vintage p n  
Duane, Diane The Door Into Fire Corgi p f  
Dyson, JR Accounting for Non-Accounting Students Pitman lfp t  
Eddings, David Demon Lord of Karanda Corgi p f Book 3 of the Malloreon
Eddings, David Guardians of the West Corgi p f  
Eddings, David Sorceress of Darshiva Corgi p f  
Eddings, David The Diamond Throne HarperCollins p f  
Eddings, David The Sapphire Rose Grafton p f  
Eggermont, JL; Hockstra, S Grammaire Fondamentale (francais) Thieme p t Dutch
Ellis, Edward Great Americans of History: Alexander Hamilton HG Campbell h b 1903
Ellis, Edward Great Americans of History: Thomas Jefferson HG Campbell h b 1903
Farmer, Philip Jose Inside Outside Corgi p f  
Feintuch, David Midshipman's Hope Orbit p f  
Fitzgerald, F Scott The Great Gatsby Penguin p f  
Forster, EM A Passage to India Marshall Cavendish h f  
Forward, Robert L Saturn Rukh Tor p f  
Forward, Robert L; Dodson Forward, Martha Ocean Under the Ice Baen p f  
Forward, Robert L; Forward Fuller, Julie Return to Rocheworld Baen p f  
Foster, Alan Dean Spellsinger Orbit p f  
Foster, Alan Dean The Black Hole New English Library p f  
Foster, Alan Dean The Day of the Dissonance Orbit p f  
Foster, Alan Dean The Hour of the Gate Orbit p f  
Foster, Alan Dean The Paths of the Perambulator Orbit p f  
Foster, Alan Dean The Time of the Transference Orbit p f  
Fowkes, Charles The Best Ghost Stories Hamlyn h a  
Franklin, H Bruce Robert A Heinlein: America as Science Fiction Oxford lfp n  
Friesner, Esther M Elf Defense Headline p f  
Friesner, Esther M Hooray For Hellywood Orbit p f  
Friesner, Esther M Yesterday We Saw Mermaids Tor p f  
Furedi, Frank Paranoid Parenting Allen Lane lfp n  
Gardner, Erle Stanley The Case of the Baited Hook Penguin p f  
Garner, James Finn Once Upon a More Enlightened Time Simon & Schuster h f  
Garner, James Finn Politically Correct Holiday Stories Simon & Schuster h f  
Gentle, Mary A Hawk in Silver Signet p f  
Gentle, Mary Grunts! Corgi p f  
Goldhagen, Daniel Jonah Hitler's Willing Executioners:  Ordinary Germand and the Holocaust Vintage lfp n  
Golding, William Darkness Visible Faber p f  
Goodchild, Peter Oppenheimer: the Father of the Atom Bomb BBC p b  
Gordon, Stuart Archon Orbit p f  
Gordon, Stuart The Hidden World Orbit p f  
Greely, Andrew M Happy are the Clean of Heart Warner p f  
Greely, Andrew M Happy are the Meek Futura p f  
Greenland, Colin Daybreak on a Different Mountain Unicorn lfp f  
Gribbin, John Our Changing Planet Abacus p n  
Grimm The Complete Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm, Volume 1 Bantam p f  
Grimwade, Peter Robot Star p f  
Grob, Gerald N.; Billias, George Athan Interpretations of American History--Patterns and Perspectives--Volume II--since 1877 Free Press lfp n  
Grove, Doreen Caerlaverock Castle Historic Scotland lfp n
Guinness The Guinness Book of Records 1998 Guinness lfh n  
Guinness The Guinness Book of Records 1999 Guinness lfh n  
Guon, Ellen Bedlam Boyz Baen p f  
Gurney, Peter Braver Men Walk Away HarperCollins p b  
Gutteridge, Lindsay Killer Pine SFBC h f  
Hall, Adam Pawn In Jeopardy NEL p f  
Hall, Adam Rooks Gambit New English Library p f  
Hanff, Helene 84 Charing Cross Road Futura p f  
Hardy, Lyndon Master of the Five Magics Corgi p f  
Harman, Andrew 101 Damnations Legend p f  
Harris, Deborah Turner The Burning Stone Orbit p f  
Harris, Nathaniel The Life and Works of Dali Paragon h n  
Harris, Nathaniel The Life and Works of Michelangelo Paragon h n  
Harris, Robert Fatherland Arrow p f  
Harrison, Harry Skyfall Corgi p f  
Harrison, Harry Star Smashers of the Galaxy Rangers Orbit p f  
Harrison, Harry Winter in Eden Bantam Spectra p f  
Harrison, Harry; Bischoff, David Bill, the Galactic Hero?on the Planet of the Hippies from Hell Gollancz p f  
Harvey-Jones, John All Together Now William Heinneman h n  
Harvey-Jones, John Managing to Survive Mandarin p n  
Hawking, Stephen W A Brief History of Time Bantam p n  
Hay, Jacob; Keshishian, John Death of a Cosmonaut SFBC h f  
Health Education Board for Scotland Ready Steady Baby! Health Education Board for Scotland lfp n  
Henry, O Short Stories Minster Classics p f  
Herbert, Frank Children of Dune NEL p f  
Herbert, Frank Dune Messiah NEL p f  
Herbert, Frank God Emperor of Dune New English Library p f  
Herbert, James Moon, Shine, The Dark & Fluke Peerage h f  
Heroditus Selected Texts Aschendoff p c Greek with German notes
Heyer, Georgette Charity Girl Pan p f  
Heyer, Georgette The Grand Sophy Pan p f  
Hjortsberg, William Gray Matters SFBC h f  
Hodge, Brian Nightlife Pan p f  
Hoffman, Lee The Caves of Karst SFBC h f  
Hogan, James P The Genesis Machine Del Rey p f  
Hogan, James P The Two Faces of Tomorrow Del Rey p f  
Holdstock, Robert Eye Among the Blind Pan p f  
Hollinghurst, Alan The Folding Star Chatto h f  
Holly, J Hunter The Flying Eyes Priory Books p f  
Horace Complete Works Allyn & Bagon h c Latin
Houseman, AE The Collected Poems of AE Houseman Holt Reinhart Winston p p  
Hoyle, Fred; Hoyle, Geoffrey The Inferno SFBC h f  
Hutty, Roger & Spence, Mary Mastering COBOL Programming Macmillan lfp n
Icove, David et al Computer Crime O'Reilly & Associates lfp n  
Iles, Francis Malice Aforethought Pan h f  
Ishiguro, Kazuo The Remains of the Day Knopf p f  
Jablokov, Alexander Nimbus AvonNova p f  
Jacobs, Joseph Celtic Fairy Tales Senate lfp a  
Jakes, John Black in Time Warner Books p f
Jakes, John When the Star Kings Die Ace p f
James, Clive The Dreaming Swimmer Jonathan Cape h n  
James, Henry The Turn of The Screw and Other Stories Konemann h f  
Johns, CA; Elliot, C Flowers of the Field Routledge h r  
Johnson, Hewlett The Socialist Sixth of the World Left Book Club h n  
Jones, Gwyneth Kairos Gollancz p f  
Jones, Raymond F This Island Earth Grafton p f  
Jordan, Robert The Path of Daggers BCA h f Book eight of the Wheel of Time
Juvenal XIII Satires of Juvenal (trans Leeper, Alexander) Macmillan h c  
Kay, Guy Gavriel A Song for Arbonne Harper Collins p f  
Kelley, Leo P Mindmix Coronet p f  
Kelly, James Patrick; Kessel, John Freedom Beach Unwin p f  
Kennedy, Leigh The Journal of Nicholas the American St Martin's Press p f  
Kerr, Katharine Freezeframes Harper Collins p f  
Kessler, Ronald Inside the CIA Pocket Books h n  
King, Stephen Rose Madder Hodder and Stoughton h f  
King, Vincent Candy Man SFBC h f  
Kochan, Lionel Russia in Revolution Paladin p n  
Koonz, Dean R Lightning Headline p f  
Kornbluth, CM The Syndic Sphere p f  
Kring, Michael The Space Mavericks Ace/Stoneshire p f  
Kundera, Milan Laughable Loves Penguin p f  
Kundera, Milan The Book of Laughter and Forgetting Penguin p f  
Kurtz, Katherine Deryni Checkmate Legend p f  
Kurtz, Katherine High Deryni Del Rey p f  
Kurtz, Katherine Saint Camber Arrow lfp f  
Lackey, Mercedes Storm Rising Orion p f  
Lackey, Mercedes; Dixon, Larry The Silver Gryphon Daw h f  
Lamb, Hugh Forgotten Tales of Terror Methuen p a  
Lampert, E Studies in Rebellion Routledge and Kegan Paul h n  
Larson, Gary The Curse of Madame 'C' Warner lfp h  
Laumer, Keith; Brown, Rosel George Earthblood Coronet p f  
Lee, JD Concise Inorganic Chemistry, 2nd Edition Van Nostrand Reinhold lfp t  
Lee, Tanith Nightshades Orbit p f  
Leiber, Fritz Changewar Ace p f  
Leiber, Fritz Night of the Wolf Sphere p f  
Leigh, Stephen; Miller, John J Dinosaur Samorai Avonova p f  
Leinster, Murray The Listeners SFBC h f  
L'Engle, Madeline The Arm of the Starfish Hodder & Stoughton p f  
Lerner, Abba P. Everybody's Business Harper Torchbooks p n
Lethem, Jonathan Amnesia Moon New English Library p f  
Lewis, CS Mere Christianity Fount p n  
Lewis, CS Surprised by Joy Fount p n  
Lewis, Michael Liar's Poker Coronet p n  
Lewis, Sinclair It Can't Happen Here Jonathan Cape h f  
Lipstadt, Deborah Denying the Holocaust Penguin lfp n  
Llewellyn, Alun The Strange Invaders NEL Master SF Series p f  
Lord, Alfred The Singer of Tales Harvard lfp n  
Lorenz, Konrad Z. King Solomon's Ring Pan p n  
Lovric, Michelle; Mardas, Nikiforos How to Insult, Abuse & Insinuate in Classical Latin Past Times h h  
Lumley, Brian The Burrowers Beneath Grafton p f  
Lynn, Elizabeth A Watchtower Berkeley p f  
Lynn, Elizabeth A. The Dancers of Arun Berkley Fantasy p f  
Lynn, Elizabeth A. The Northern Girl Berkley Fantasy p f  
Lysias Selected Speeches: Commentary Aschendoff p c Greek with German notes
Lysias Selected Speeches: Texts Aschendoff p c Greek with German notes
Mackonochie, Alison Your pregnancy week by week Hermes House lfp n  
Maples, William R; Browuning, Michael Dead Men Do Tell Tales Doubleday lfp n  
Marston, Ann Kingmaker's Sword Harper Prism p f  
Marston, Ann The Western King Harper Prism p f  
Marx, Karl; Engels, Friedrich The Communist Manifesto Phoenix p n  
Masefield, John Chronicles of the Pilgrim Fathers J.M. Dent & Sons h n  
Maso, Brian Visual J++ from the Ground Up Osborne lfp t  
Matheson, Richard Shock! Sphere p f  
Maupin, Armistead Sure of You Harper & Row h f  
May, John The Greenpeace Book of Dolphins Greenpeace books lfh n  
May, Julian Perseus Spur BCA h f  
May, Julian The Adversary Pan p f  
McCaffrey, Anne; Stirling, SM The City Who Fought Baen p f  
McCammon, Robert R The Wolf's Hour Grafton p f  
McDonald, Gregory Confess, Fletch Avon p f  
McDonald, Ian Speaking in Tongues VGSF p f  
McDonough, Thomas R The Missing Matter Bantam Spectra p f  
McIntosh, JT The Fittest Corgi p f  
McIntyre, Vonda The Exile Waiting Pan p f  
McKillip, Patricia A. The Sorceress and the Cygnet Pan Fantasy p f  
McMillan, Moira; Macfarlane, Sally Scottish Business Law, Second Edition Pitman lfp r  
Meggitt, Carolyn Caring for Babies: A practical guide Hodder & Stoughton lfp n
Melville, Herman Moby Dick Marshall Cavendish h f  
Miller Jr, Walter M; Bisson, Terry Saint Leibowitz and the Wild Horse Woman Orbit h f  
Miller, Sasha Ladylord Voyager p f  
Mirrlees, Hope Lud-in-the-Mist Del Rey p f  
Moorcock, Michael Elric of Melnibone Millennium lfp f Signed 'To Abi'. Contains novels: 'Elric of Melnibone', 'The Fortress of the Pearl', 'The Sailor on the Seas of Fate', 'The Dreaming City', 'While the Gods Laugh', 'The Singing Citadel'
Moorcock, Michael Stormbringer Millennium lfp f Signed.  Contains novels: 'The Sleeping Sorceress', 'The Revenge of the Rose', 'The Stealer of Souls', 'Kings In Darkness', 'The Caravan of Forgotten Dreams', 'Stormbringer'
Moorcock, Michael The Brothel in Rosenstrasse Phoenix p f  
Moorcock, Michael The Entropy Tango NEL p f  
Moorcock, Michael The Fortress of the Pearl Grafton p f  
Moorcock, Michael The Jewel in the Skull Mayflower Science Fantasy p f  
Moorcock, Michael The King of the Swords Mayflower Science Fantasy p f  
Moorcock, Michael The Quest for Tanelorn Grafton p f  
Moorcock, Michael The Sword of the Dawn Mayflower p f  
Moorcock, Michael The Time Dweller Mayflower Science Fantasy p f  
Moorcock, Michael The Winds of Limbo Sphere p f  
Morris, Mark Toady Corgi p f  
Morwood, Peter Firebird Legend p f  
Niven, Larry Inconstant Moon Sphere p f  
Niven, Larry Rainbow Mars BCA h f  
Niven, Larry The Magic Goes Away Ace p f  
Niven, Larry; Barnes, Steven Achilles' Choice Pan p f  
O'Connor, Flannery The Complete Stories Farrar Straus Giroux p f  
O'Donnell Jr., Kevin Ora:Cle Berkley SF p f  
Offut, Andrew J Swords Against Darkness Vol 1 Zebra p a  
Olander, Joseph D; Greenberg, Martin Harry Ursula K Le Guin Paul Harris h n  
Olshan, Joseph Night Swimmer Bloomsbury p f  
Ovid Amores 1 (with trans by Barsby, John) Bristol Classica Press p c Latin
Page, Thomas The Hephaestus Plague SFBC h f  
Palin, Michael Pole to Pole BBC h n  
Paretsky, Sara Bitter Medicine Penguin p f  
Paretsky, Sara Burn Marks Virago Crime p f  
Peake, Mervyn Titus Alone Penguin p f  
Pease, Allan Body Language Sheldon Press lfp n  
Perry, Steve Matadora Sphere p f  
Perry, Steve The Machiavelli Interface Orbit p f  
Peters, Ellis A Morbid Taste for Bones Warner p f  
Peters, Ellis A Rare Benedictine Headline p f  
Peters, Ellis Brother Cadfael's Penance Warner Futura p f  
Peters, Ellis Dead Man's Ransom Futura p f  
Peters, Ellis One Corpse Too Many Warner p f  
Peters, Ellis Saint Peter's Fair Warner p f  
Peters, Ellis The Confession of Brother Haluin Warner p f  
Peters, Ellis The Heretic's Apprentice Warner p f  
Peters, Ellis The Holy Thief Warner p f  
Peters, Ellis The Leper of St Giles Warner p f  
Peters, Ellis The Pilgrim of Hate Warner p f  
Peters, Ellis The Potter's Field Warner p f  
Peters, Ellis The Raven in the Foregate Warner p f  
Peters, Ellis The Sanctuary Sparrow Warner p f  
Pfaffenberger, Bryan I Hate DOS QUE lfp t  
Pierce, Tamora Realms of the Gods Point p f  
Pierce, Tamora The Emperor Mage Point p f  
Pierce, Tamora Wild Magic Point p f  
Pierce, Tamora Wolf-Speaker Point p f  
Pike, Christopher See You Later Hodder & Sloughton p f  
Pike, Christopher Whisper of Death Hodder & Sloughton p f  
Pile, Stephen The Return of Heroic Failures Secker & Warburn h n  
Plant, Malcolm Teach Yourself Electronics Hodder and Stoughton p t  
Plato Symposium: Commentary Aschendoff p c Greek with German notes
Plato Symposium: Text Aschendoff p c Greek with German notes
Plautus The Pot of Gold and Other Plays (trans Watling, EF) Penguin p c  
Poe, Edgar Allan Selected Tales Penguin p f  
Priest, Christopher The Space Machine Popular Library p f  
Pyke, Magnus Butter Side Up! Pan p n  
Queen, Ellery; Wallace, Edgar; Marsh, Ngaio Drie Ijzersterke Detectives TrendBoek h f Dutch
Rawnsley, Judith Going for Broke HarperCollins p n  
Reference The New Illustrated Universal Reference Book Odhams h r  
Reynolds, Mack Earth Unaware Ace/Stoneshire p f  
Robinson, Jeffrey The Laundrymen Pocket p n  
Rolleston, TW Celtic Myths and Legends Senate p a  
Rushdie, Salman Imaginary Homelands Viking lfp n  
Russell, Eric Frank Sinister Barrier Methuen p f  
Sargent, Pamela Starshadows Ace p f  
Saul, John Guardian Bantam h f  
Saylor, Steven Arms Of Nemesis Ivy Books p f  
Saylor, Steven The House of the Vestals St. Martin's p f  
Schwab, Gustav Griekse Mythen en Sagen Prisma p c Dutch
Schwartz, Charles Peanuts Jubilee Penguin lfp h Peanuts
Scott, Sir Walter Ivanhoe Penguin p f  
Scott, Sir Walter Kennelworth Henry Frowde l f  
Scott, Sir Walter Poetical Works Frederick Warne and Co h p  
Scott, Sir Walter Quentin Dorward Collins l f  
Scottish Certificate of Education Examination Papers Credit Mathematics (1993 - 1995) Robert Gibson p n
Scottish Certificate of Education Examination Papers Standard Grade: General Mathematics (1993 - 1995) Robert Gibson p n
Sellings, Arthur The Silent Speakers Panther p f  
Semschyshyn, Stefan; Colman, Carol How to Prevent Miscarriage Macmillan p n  
Sharpe, Gareth The Guinness Dictionary of Quotations for all occasions Guinness p r  
Sharpe, Tom Porterhouse Blue Pan p f  
Sheckley, Robert Options Pyramid p f  
Sheckley, Robert The Alchemical Marriage of Alistair Crompton Sphere p f  
Shelley, Mary Frankenstein Puffin p f  
Sienkiewicz, Henry Quo Vadis J.M. Dent & Sons h f  
Silverberg, Robert Gilgamesh the King Pan p f  
Silverberg, Robert Hot Sky at Midnight Harper Collins p f  
Silverberg, Robert Lord of Darkness Bantam p f  
Silverberg, Robert Sailing To Byzantium Ace Double p f Other part of double is 'Seven American Nights' by Gene Wolfe
Silverberg, Robert Sorcerers of Majipoor Macmillan h f  
Silverberg, Robert The Seed of Earth Hamlyn Paperbacks p f  
Silverberg, Robert Tom O'Bedlam Orbit p f  
Simenon, Georges De Pijp van Maigret Zwarte Beertjes p f Dutch
Smith, EE 'Doc' Children of the Lens Panther p f  
Smith, EE 'Doc' First Lensman Grafton p f  
Smith, EE 'Doc' Galactic Patrol Grafton p f  
Smith, EE 'Doc' Triplanetary Panther p f  
Smyth, Angela SAD Allen & Unwin p n  
Springer, Nancy Chains of Gold Orbit p f  
Squire, David Herbaceous Perennials Tiger h n  
Stevenson, Robert Louis Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Bantam Classic p f  
Stewart, Ian Does God Play Dice? Penguin lfp n  
Stewart, Ian; Golubitsky, Martin Fearful Symmetry Penguin lfp n  
Stone, Judith How to Tell a Proton from a Cruton Angus p n  
Strong, Frank Great Americans of History: Benjamin Franklin HG Campbell h b 1903
Stuttard, Marie Children of the Dog Star Knight Books p f  
Sullivan, Tricia Lethe Gollancz h f  
Sullivan, Walter We Are Not Alone Pelican p n  
Sumner, BH Survey of Russian History Duckworth h n  
Swanwick, Michael Stations of the Tide Legend p f  
Swift, Jonathan Gulliver's Travels Minster Classics p f  
Swinglehurst, Edmund The Art of the Pre-Raphaelites Paragon h n
Tepper, Sheri S Gibbon's Decline and Fall Voyager p f  
Thackeray, William Vanity Fair Marshall Cavendish h f  
Thackeray, William Vanity Fair Penguin p f  
Thing, NE Magic Eye III Andrews and McMeel lfh n  
Thomas, Lewis The Medusa and the Snail Penguin p n  
Thomas, Lewis The Youngest Science--Notes of a Medicine-Watcher Viking lfp n  
Tilley, Patrick Xan Grafton p f  
Timpson, John Timpson's England Jarrold h n  
Tolkien, JRR Tree and Leaf; Smith of Wooton Major; The Homecoming of Beorhtnoth Unwin p f  
Tomes, John Blue Guide to Scotland Black Norton p n  
Townsend, Ronald D. Energy, Matter, and Change Scott, Foresman & Co. h t  
Tranter, Nigel The Path to the Hero King Coronet p f 2nd in the Robert The Bruce trilogy
Tranter, Nigel The Price Of The King's Peace Coronet p f 3rd in the Robert The Bruce trilogy
Tranter, Nigel The Steps to the Empty Throne Coronet p f 1st in the Robert The Bruce trilogy
Tubb, EC Derai Arrow p f  
Tubb, EC The Winds of Gath Arrow p f  
Turtledove, Harry Worldwar: In the Balance Del Rey p f  
van Thal, Herbert The Eighth Pan Book of Horror Stories Pan p a  
Van Vogt, AE Earth's Last Fortress Sphere p f  
Vance, Jack Ports of Call Voyager p f  
Vance, Jack Star King Mayflower p f  
Vance, Jack The Brave Free Men Ace p f  
Verne, Jules A Journey to the Centre of the Earth Airmont Books p f  
Verne, Jules De Jache op de Meteor Loeb h f Dutch
Verne, Jules Master of the World Airmont Books p f  
Verne, Jules The City in the Sahara Ace p f  
Verne, Jules The Mysterious Island Airmont Books p f  
Waldrop, Howard Them Bones Legend p f  
Walters, Derek Chinese Mythology Diamond lfp a  
Warrington, Freda A Blackbird in Darkness New English Library p f  
Warrington, Freda A Blackbird In Silver NEL p f  
Warrington, Freda A Blackbird in Twilight New English Library p f  
Warrington, Freda Darker than the Storm New English Library p f  
Weinbaum, Stanley G A Martian Odyssey Sphere p f  
Wells, HG The First Men in the Moon Fontana p f  
Wells, HG The Invisible Man Fontana p f  
Werner, Edward TC Ancient Tales and Folklore of China Senate p a  
West, Morris L Children of the Sun Pan p f  
West, Morris L Daughter of Silence Pan p f  
West, Morris L Daughter of Silence Fontana p f  
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