Abi’s Wishlist

As usual when I try to make these sorts of lists, I find myself overwhelmed by how little I actually need, or even really desperately want.
I’m very lucky.

My clothing sizes are:

  • Tops UK size 12, US size 10
  • Bottoms don’t even try – they never fit
  • Shoes UK size 5 1/2 – 6, US size 8 – 9

Please do consult Martin before getting anything, to avoid duplication!

I am aware that many bookbinding items are excruciatingly expensive or a pain to obtain. If there is something you want to give me, but don’t speak enough binding jargon to obtain, I would be delighted to receive “money toward” any of these items. Martin has prices, if you want to do a price-based query (I’ll never know!)



  • Star Trek, the original series box sets
  • This is Spinal Tap


  • A massage (preferably “Theraputic massage” at the Floatarium
  • Dinner out somewhere nice, with childcare
  • A jewelry box – preferably wood or leather – with multiple small compartments
  • Hair ornaments – hair sticks, clips for extra-thick hair
  • Chickens. Everybody needs more chickens.
  • A bike. (or anything else from that site for the Third World)

One thought on “Abi’s Wishlist”

  1. We found your web pages on Hewits

    John and I were quite impressed by your binding skills and designs
    Considering you just started in 2001 you are doing extremely nice work with limited tools and materials

    We were also very impressed by your web site

    Morton Downie & John Allison

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